Vancouvers top IT outsourcing company that provides services globally

In Vancouver, Netdigix is the one to call for your IT outsourcing needs. We have a staff of highly trained, and certified professional network technicians, adept at both Windows and Linux operating systems, ready to work with your company to provide premium network management. For secure, efficient network solutions, hardware repair and replacement, or remote management and monitoring, our established firm is ready to show you why we are the only IT outsourcing solution you will ever need. Call us now to see how we can help you manage your Network, increase productivity and save your company money.

From small networks to multi-branch offices, our staff will provide a seamless IT outsourcing solution that can be counted to deliver courteous service the meets or exceeds your expectations. We specialize in network management and VPN or remote desktop applications that add flexibility to any company, allowing your company to spend more time getting the job done, and less time worrying about equipment failure or data processing bottlenecks. We make use of remote monitoring procedures that that are often able to identify and correct problems before they happen. Professional IT outsourcing includes:

  • Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Hardware and software support.
  • Network routers, firewalls and security.
  • VPN and remote desktop support.
  • Complete network audits.
  • 24/7 monitoring and support.

For many companies, the cost of hiring a dedicated inhouse staff of technicians translates into a formidable obstacle in building a dependable data management program. By taking advantage of the Netdigix IT outsourcing plans, it is like having your own inhouse staff, at a fraction of the cost, freeing up company resources to build your company’s net worth. Our transparent managed network agreements look just like you’ve added a full IT staff of your own