Oracle Solaris

Choosing the right operating system for your business network can often be a difficult task. While there are many good choices, it is always hard to get a balance between security, speed, and functionality. Oracle Solaris is an excellent Unix based operating system with many benefits that make it perfect for a business IT environment. With unparalleled network security and scalability, Solaris can be a great fit in many cases, and Affixis Solutions has the experience to make the deployment and integration as smooth as possible.

Professional Solaris Deployment:

Not only is the Solaris software optimal for the X-series servers, it also excels at SPARC based M and T-series server environments. Affixis Solutions can develop and deploy Oracle Solaris in a wide range of settings, and has the experience to make it the perfect choice for your business needs. Oracle Solaris allows you to optimize network resources in order to provide you with the best performance available on the market. Our professional technicians work to design a solution using Solaris that will save you both time and money, while thinking of the long term.

Comprehensive Application Support:

One of the biggest advantages of using a Solaris run database/server environment is the numerous applications supported. At Affixis, we are experienced providing solutions for businesses looking for the security and performance of a High Availability server cluster run on anything from Solaris Cluster to Veritas Cluster servers. Furthermore, we offer professional services using Oracle Web Application servers as well as Websphere Application servers. This will allow you to deploy an integrate a huge variety of professional enterprise applications, which can save on overhead costs while allowing for a smoother and more efficient IT network.

Contact us today and find out how Affixis can provide your business with a cost-effective and professional solution using the Oracle Solaris operating system.