Disaster Recovery

Disaster’s can Happen! Thats why We like to think we provide Technology Insurance! Utilize our unique and experienced skills to provide you with, Disaster Risk Management. We design a solution that allows you to have peace of mind knowing your Business is safe from anything from a Natural Disaster all the way through to that Building Mal-function that floods your Computers and Servers!

ROCK-STABLE Backup Tape and Off-Site Recovery:

Work with our team to design a backup solution that not only run’s it self, but also is sent off-site into a Secure and Fire-Safe Vault on a regular basis.

TRAVEL Laptop Protection:

Protect your laptop with our Secure Online Backup solutions, eliminating the worry of your laptop getting damanged on those overhead compartments!

ALWAYS-ON Cloud Technology:

Move your business more towards the cloud, and feel safe knowing your data and critical invoices are locked-away in a safe and Secure Data-Center, along with being on Canadian Soil.

HIGHLY-AVAILABLE Load Balancing and Clustering Solutions:

Utilize Clustering and Load Balancing to allow your business to keep its light’s on in the event of server or network failures, we have experience with creating the right solution to fit your needs.


Onsite Managed Cloud Services Integration:

  • Upgrade to our managed Cloud services and gain multi-tier 24/7 onsite support in Vancouver, Canada
  • Virtual Private Network Integration and support, while maintaing security compliance.

For further information, contact us at contact@affixis.com or 1-855-AFFIXIS and connect with one of our solution architects, who can help work with you on a solution thats geared towards meeting your needs.

Corporate Address:

170 – 422 Richards street
Vancouver , BC , V6B2Z3 Canada